Warm & Calm: Valencia

Valencia… The very first city I went to travel while I was 20, which gives its special place in my heart. It was February of 2014 and I thought Valencia would be summer-like and brought light clothes with me. Also, the very first travel mistake 🙂

I was so excited and unexperienced that I could not make much of Valencia that time. I was basically lost and the man I asked about the direction told me that if I came to Spain I must talk Spanish! Not a very pleasant travel memory, I am afraid, but I knew there was no need to generalize this attitude to all Spanish people.

Perfect place to feel Valencian energy
Playa de la Malvarossa

However in 2015 my path crossed with Valencia again. This time I was experienced after traveling 4 different countries and 8 cities. I was there to do my editorial internship in a magazine called 24/7 Valencia for 2 months.

Now, when I remember my first visit, I was smiling inside.

Plaza de la Reina at sunset

What I remember about Valencia is its nights. A kind of weather that does not make you sticky or sweaty but warm. Its cheap champagnes deserves to be mentioned of course. I used to went to Plaza de la Virgen (my favorite place) and watch people skating, eating gelato, listening beautiful street music while I was sipping my drink sitting on the bench of ornamental pool. You cannot imagine how it was relaxing one’s mind and consciousness.

Plaza de la Virgen

This calmness of Valencia certainly comes from its people’s view of life, I understood later. They do not care little things that would create a problem for other people such as where to go to dinner. They just go with the flow. Laughing, eating, dancing, swimming and wine are the ones for them. This seems a little bit cliché but it is true and an attitude that I want to possess 🙂

Valencia coast from sea.
Playa de la Malvarassa
Now that is a talent.
Last Supper at beach

The month of July is particularly fun with its Feria de Julio and Batalla de Flores. Who would not want to beat someone with orange/yellow flowers! Also, the fireworks shot on every Sunday of July is really worth to watch.

Then I found heaven in Parque Natural de la Albufera which is 30-40 minutes to city center. What makes it special is that the lake and sea are very close to each other. After you cool yourself in sea, you can cross the road to watch sunset near the lake. This natural environment makes one feel the numinous, I guarantee.

Parque Natural de la Albufera

I want to thank Valencia and its kind people for creating such a beautiful atmosphere. If you are thinking going to Valencia, do not think, just go!

Please feel free to share your memories of Valencia, I want to hear them 🙂






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  1. Timothy Price says:

    Nice photos. We lived in Madrid for three and a half years. We explored south, west, and north, but never made it to Valencia.


    1. Thank you so much Timothy 🙂 I hope someday you will go to Valencia and spend happy days there, you will not regret I promise 🙂


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